Wednesday MidWeek Renewal At Unity

MidWeek Renewal!  Meditation and Discussion Series
In-Person and Online (Zoom)


Meditation: 6:30 p.m.
Discussion 7:00 p.m.



Spring 2023



"Prayer and Meditation"
Discussion Series

Facilitated by Shirley Williams, Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT)
May 17 - June 7!

For those who want to explore and realize the benefits of meditation and make it part of their lives.... Perhaps this class is for you. 

There are many reasons you might come to meditation and/or prayer:  With persistence, it can give you access to deep insights into who you are (or aren't), your place in the world, and even the very meaning of life.  But there are more immediate benefits, too. 

Making meditation part of your day can allow you to find your center and inner calm.  We will explore various proven meditational approaches to help you reduce anxiety and stress, stabilize your mind, empathize with others, cultivate positive qualities, and perhaps more.  Also, we will discuss helpful tips for establishing a meditation routine, and practices to help you stick with it.


If you would like the Zoom link, please contact us.  Otherwise, just show up!