Universal Unity

Charles Fillmore, in Keep A True Lent, writes, "Love, in Divine Mind, is the idea of universal unity. In expression, it is the power that joins and binds together the universe and everything in it."
This great Power of Love is our anchor, our touchstone, to hold in thought and remember in times of fear.  Watching the news reports, between natural disasters, crime, disease outbreak, politics, and more, we may feel encouraged to shrink, to hide away from the world and its myriad apparent problems.  Lest we forget, dear friends: Unity is an open, loving invitation to another way...  Mr. Fillmore continues:
As I dwell upon this all-knowing faculty within, I become conscious of the Christ radiance lighting my mind, and my whole being is illumined. My thoughts are quickened through their conscious relationship to Spirit. I am flooded with new life, which raises my organism above the disintegrating thought currents of the earth; and thus I am not only redeeming my mind, but am also saving the flesh from corruption.
I invite you to remember that you do have that all-knowing Christ pattern, radiant, ever vibrant within you; no matter the challenge in your human experience, you are a spiritual being!  You are Divinely guided, in all ways.  Each week, during our Sunday service, we practice letting go of fear and giving way to love.  There is a surrender in this.  We are truly "flooded with new life" as we pray, keeping God as our only conscious thought.  As Emmet Fox said in his classic, The Golden Key:
“There is no difficulty that enough LOVE will not conquer, no disease that enough LOVE will not heal, no door that enough LOVE will not open, no gulf that enough LOVE will not bridge, no wall that enough LOVE will not throw down, no sin that enough LOVE will not redeem...”
To paraphrase the key point in that transformative booklet, "Don't think about the problem or difficulty; think about God."  And so, as you hear news reports sweeping the planet about COVID-19, the ever-shifting global stock markets, war, and more in this climate of uncertainty and fear, take a moment, breathe deeply, and think about God, about Love.  Affirm for yourself the following, also from Charles Fillmore:  Christ within me is my glory. The brightness of His presence wipes out all darkness, and I am filled with life and light.
Don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour before you retire Saturday night, for Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 8!  We will see you on time at Unity of Columbus...
Many Blessings,
Daryn L. Wells
"God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." ~ from 1 John 4:16