Unity's Relationship with Other Religions

Unity acknowledges and accepts other spiritual paths.  We do not require members to accept our beliefs or practices in order to become a member.  We honor people in their spiritual path.   We teach practical Christianity - the practice of Jesus' teachings. 

With regard to other religions, our focus is to understand our brothers and sisters of other faiths - to see how the most attractive and exciting aspects of their religions are also practiced in Christianity.   For example, people love Buddhist meditation.  But before the Buddha lived, the Psalmist wrote about meditation of the heart.  Meditation is a practice in Christianity.  Others love the passionate poetry of Rumi, an Islamic poet, but over a millennia before him we read Song of Solomon. 

When we study world religions, our purpose is to more deeply connect with our own Practical Christianity.  That is our intention.

Finally, whatever we fear grows stronger.  If our religion cannot stand firmly next to another path (that may have really attractive elements), then the fault is not with the other religion.  We believe a knowledge of other religions strengthens our own not weakens it.  It can bring greater clarity to our own teachings and a stronger commitment to our path.

It helps to light our way.  Education is always a blessing in Unity.