With Love, All Things Are Possible

In Unity, we tend to use the terms "God" and "Love" interchangeably, for God Is Love.  Even in the face of tumultuous political upheaval, violence, disease, famine, poverty, and the wide array of challenges in our human experience, we still have the capacity to love.  We can still love.  And through love, we have the power to overcome any challenge, leap any fence, dissolve any fear.  This is our blessing, as children of Love.
Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla, authors of The Simple Truth: Making Sense of God, Life, & Other Stuff, write: 
"Love is a mighty magnet.  Whatever we love, we attract into our lives.  If we love God, we will attract blessings.  Eventually each of us will realize that he or she is part of everyone else, and our love will touch everyone, because we are all one."
Love is more than just a feeling, you see.  It is the totality of the Power and Presence we call God, First Cause, the attracting Force of the Universe.  The Law of Attraction is one of several fundamtal spiritual laws we explore in New Thought.  "Whatever we love," write the Jafollas, "we attract into our lives."  I invite you to listen, with intention, in a quiet space, to the beating of your hearts this week.  Let its rhythm flow through you; you may even want to place your right hand over your heart...  Take a deep breath, and affirm, "I am one with Love, for I am Love, and God Is Love."  Repeat this affirmation softly to yourself, then silently.
As you practice the Presence of God-Love, dear friends - you, too, can be a "mighty magnet," attracting more love, more good, more peace, into your world...
We will see you this Sunday at Unity of Columbus!
Many Blessings,
Daryn L. Wells
"We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose."  ~ Romans 8:28