Courageous Conversations at Unity



Unity of Columbus invites you to:

Living Room Conversations

RACE AND ETHNICITY Conversation Series

with Rev. Sandra Weisner and Daryn L. Wells

What are "Living Room Conversations"?

Living Room Conversations are a conversational bridge across issues that divide and separate us.  They provide an easy structure for engaging in friendly yet meaningful conversation with those with whom we may not agree.  These conversations increase understanding, reveal common ground, and sometimes even allow us to discuss possible solutions.

In this series of three in-depth conversations, participants explore the complexities of the concepts of Race, Ethnicity, and their impacts on people from all walks of life.

This series will be presented via Zoom on Tuesdays, July 14, 21, and 28 at 7:00 p.m.  Preregistration is required.

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*It is our intention that this will be the first of several events geared toward compassionate listening, authentic sharing, and deep understanding, under our Courageous Conversations Ministry Team.  If you would like to volunteer your time to be a part of this Ministry Team, please contact us.