Adult Sunday School: Breaking the Ten Commandments

Spring 2020:
Eric Butterworth's
Breaking the Ten Commandments
Sunday Mornings 9:30 - 10:30
May 3 - July 5 via Zoom
(Registration required)
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"We have been taught to keep the commandments, and we have kept them all too well.  We have enshrined them like religious relics in sealed containers on the altar.  Thus, it could be said that one lives by the commandments in much the same way as many persons live by a neighbor, never learning his name, let alone having any understanding communication with him."  

~ Eric Butterworth, Breaking the Ten Commandments

So: How does one "break" the Ten Commandments?  The objective here, and the focus of our course, is to break them open to see the deeper meaning, and in doing so, we allow the Commandments to "break us open" to a higher consciousness - an awareness of our true, Divine nature. 
Butterworth says, "The greatest need of every person is to understand his inherent spiritual nature, and thus that it is not a matter of what is being done, but what is the very best he can do...  Beyond morality is a whole new dimension of meta-morality.  It is a deeper meaning of the Ten Commandments."
We will simultaneously be exploring some of the thoughts expressed in Prosperity's Ten Commandments,
by Georgiana Tree West, during this class experience.
Join us for an in-depth exploration this spring!